Webinar: Potential cooperation in developing smart & ecological city

Published in NEWS on October 21, 2020

The Fourth Sino-Swedish Smart City Conference

The global outbreak of COVID-19 aroused the awareness of smart cities and multi-functional buildings. With home office becoming the new normal, the question of how to integrate urban spaces has come to urban planners. Besides, global climate change and UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals remind us of the importance of eco-city.

The Fourth Sino-Swedish Smart City Conference (hereinafter referred to as “conference”) was held on October 15th, focusing on new-type city cooperation between China and Sweden in post-epidemic era. The conference demonstrated the efforts made by the two countries to address challenges of urbanization. Representatives from Chinese and Swedish governments, institutions and companies were invited to discuss potential cooperation possibilities of smart and ecological city development. Together with Yantai City government, Business Sweden and White Peak shared experience and vision about the Hammarby Eco City project in Yantai.

Welcome speech by Mr. Gui Congyou, Chinese Ambassador to Sweden

“Sweden has raised the concept of sustainable development early in 1970s and actively reducing greenhouse gas emission since then. There is a great potential between China and Sweden regarding cooperation in sustainable development. I sincerely hope that we can take this conference as an opportunity and actively expand cooperation in global climate governance, green and low-carbon lifestyle, smart city, environmental protection and technological innovation. Let’s contribute to the sustainable development together.”

——Mr. Gui Congyou, Chinese Ambassador to Sweden

It is essential to build reliable, sustainable and disaster-resistant infrastructure during this post-epidemic era, especially to respond to climate change challenges. According to EU Green Deal, Europe aims to become the world’s first carbon-neutral continent by 2050. China and Europe are establishing a high-level dialogue mechanism in the field of environment, climate and digitalization to forge a China-EU green and digital partnership.

Keynote speech by Ma Shuo

“Strengthening strategic cooperation in new infrastructure construction provides strong support for cooperation in climate change and sustainable development, as well as playing a positive role in promoting global economy recovery. International cooperation platform and innovation ecosystem were established between China and Nordic countries to support industrial clusters, leading companies, research and financial institutions in sustainable development in Nordic countries. More companies are welcome to join.”

——Ma Shuo, Head of Strategy Centre of CGSDA

Nowadays, the world is facing severe challenges from climate and environmental changes. China and Sweden share common goals and visions of eco-city. The eco-city model from Hammarby is now thriving in Yantai, leaving positive impact on local ecological environment and livability. The conference invited representatives of Yantai municipal government, Business Sweden and Yantai Eco City Project to jointly demonstrate the development and progress of Yantai Eco City Project.

Li Chaohui, Deputy Mayor of Yantai City

“Yantai has a good foundation for open cooperation with Europe. The Eco City Project introduces the optimized concept of Hammarby model in Sweden and develops solutions in areas of energy, waste, and water treatment. Yantai City is looking forward to further industrial and technology cooperation with government and companies in Sweden and other European countries.”

——Li Chaohui, Deputy Mayor of Yantai City

Introduction of Swedish Hammarby Model

“The 17 sustainable development goals proposed by the UN are the foundation of Swedish urban development. Swedish Hammarby model has leading solutions in green technologies such as water treatment and bio-energy. We hope that Yantai Eco City Project can be the demonstration center to attract more companies and individuals in China.”

——Joakim Abeleen, Market Area Director Greater China, Business Sweden

Yantai Eco City Project brings Swedish experience to the local

“Sweden has long-established advantages in sustainable development and digitalization, including energy conservation and waste treatment. The Yantai Hammarby Eco City Project has introduced leading solutions and shown how fit to the local context. We hope that by sharing Sweden’s experience in eco-cities, we may explore more possibilities for cooperation between China and Sweden in sustainable business.”

——Johan Annell, Project Manager, Business Sweden

During the Q&A session, Joakim Abeleen mentioned how China and Sweden have existing cooperation agreements in sustainable construction and transportation. Business Sweden is also actively promoting the Hammarby eco city model to “go global”.